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August 1st, 2019, Telluride Daily Planet 

Convergence of Craft

Visual arts abound in Ridgway and Ouray

By Leslie Vreeland, Contributing Editor



This weekend in Ridgway an exhibit opens that is not only by an artist, but about a group of artists whose creations have made our lives easier.

Titled “Portraits in Fashion,” it’s at the 610 Arts Collective. Its subject: famous fashion designers, “some current, some past,” as artist Leslie Plimpton puts it, “who have either changed the direction of fashion or changed how we live our lives as a result of the designs they created.”... To read the full article click here

IMG_4304 (1).jpg

The February 2019 Edition of

American Art Collector

Exited to see that my artwork appeared in a national magazine.  The February 2019 Edition of American Art Collector featured an article about the art collection of Molly Barnes who used to own a gallery in Los Angeles for many years and is a well known artists rep in both New York and LA.  A while back, she and another friend, Kitty Bartholomew, jointly purchased a pair of my glazed ceramic shoes (actually flip flop sandals).  The article carries extensive photos of the inside of her home featuring her amazing art collection.  


There are two photos in the spread that show her cocktail table where my ceramic piece sits on top of her art books What blew me away about seeing this is that I did not know my artwork is sitting in a room with artwork by Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning and other great artists! What incredible company to be displayed in!  I feel truly honored.

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